School Visits

When I come to your school, I'm yours for the whole day! I do a combination of highly interactive, large group assemblies followed by classroom visits. By the end of these sessions, students will walk away with specific writing and revision strategies that they can apply immediately. And while I'm there, I'm happy to autograph books - either new books or classroom copies.

Here's a sample schedule:

Primary assembly (45 minutes)

Intermediate Assembly (60 minutes)

4 Classroom visits (30 minutes each)


My lively, highly interactive assemblies are accessible to all ages and abilities of students, motivating them to read, write, revise and share.  My award-winning books on bullying, honesty, and other soft skills resonate with young audiences.

I show how a picture book is made, beginning with a technique for how to find ideas, then teach strategies for creating and revising a first draft. I emphasize the importance of persistence when learning a new skill or following a dream.

In the intermediate assembly, I also demonstrate how to apply Common Core standards related to research in the “real” world of professional writing. This practical information on the writing process can be applied directly in the classroom by teachers and students. These assemblies are educational, entertaining, motivating and memorable.

Classroom Visits

These small group sessions of up to 2 classes at a time give kids and teachers a chance to ask me questions in an intimate setting. I'm happy to answer any question they throw my way. I also show supplementary materials (i.e. book dummies, special research, and a revision game) depending on the direction of the discussion.